For family and happy snaps the 1hr route is the way to go.
Most minilabs use roller transport **bad , bad, bad for scratches and smudges** and use Ice programs to clean surface scratches so you do not notice crap on your prints .

For Critical work a one shot rotary process IMO is the best system for film, never reuse , chemicals , no luggies present from past runs.
There will be Pro Labs still offering this in your area , or at least I think there may.

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I've been using a really good lab here in the UK for a couple of years now (, and whilst they have a rapid turnaround time (usually only 2 or 3 days), reasonable rates and they produce fine results, the time lag is still an irritance as I don't live locally to them so I have to wait due to postage. Conversally, I could use one of several local mini-labs in ASDA supermarket, Boots etc a mile up the road for me and use their 1 hour service.

I'm curious to know if, when it comes to the development of C41 35mm negatives and reversal films, would there be any difference between the pro lab and these 1-hour standard processing labs?

I realise when it comes to prints, enlargements and professional scanning the pro lab will be far better and I will always pay for their services, but just for a standard development and standard scan to CD of some family shots, would the mini lab suffice or would there be a notable difference in quality?

The films I use are Fuji Pro 160S and 160C, and Fuji Superia 100