I was using Delta 100 because my opinion was warped by experiences using consumer color fujifilm. I finally bought some Acros 100 when my photo shop here in town was out of Delta 100. I am hooked. I shot some landscapes with it and just loved the buttery smooth skies and good separation of clouds that happened, even without a red filter. I am still trying to learn how characteristic curves work, which I should be able to grasp since I am somewhat of a statistics freak, but based off of look alone.. I have to say that Acros 100 has become my favorite ISO 100 Black and White film.

Though, to be fair.. if the Duaflex is anything at all like the Brownie Hawkeye, you have to pay close attention to how much light is available when using Acros or any other 100 speed film. I came out with a blank roll on Thanksgiving because of not paying attention.