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Just got my TEA!

I plan on mixing some PC-TEA shortly but wanted to have an idea of the development parameters for a couple of films I frequently use - Agfapan APX 100 and Kodak Tri-X. I also have some Arista.EDU 100 that I'll get around to trying eventually...

Any thoughts around dilution (1:50 is mentioned in the PhotoTech article), development time, temperature and agitation for these film combos.

Though I realize that these parameters depend to a degree on personal tonal tastes and the type of printing setup I use, any direction would be a good start.

I use 35mm and 120 formats and print on condenser enlargers. Generally speaking my "typical" scene prints on Forte Polygrade V at with a Polymax #21/2 or #3 filter.

9 minutes at 70F is a good starting point for a 1+50 dilution.

If you prefer shorter times, as I do, 1+30 will give you about 7 minutes.