Well not to be contrary with you as I may never get some of your formulas and excellent advice again , BUT
I humbly reply that I would never run film through a roller transport machine and expect scratch free film.
In fact we will refuse to print for photographers on condensor enlargers or will invoke a retouch fee for those pushing film through roller transport.
In the last 20 years printing for others, I cringe when I get film that has been run through these machines for large prints and today I usually turn the work away or at least give absolutely no doubt in the clients mind that the scratches are not my responsiblity and they need to find a good hand retoucher to fix the problems.
And if the UK Pro Labs are using this equipment for UK photographers then shame on them .

Only in Canada you say.


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In the UK many Pro labs are using minilab equipment, and have been for quite a few years now, for 35mm & 120 films. The two main labs I used both ran Noritsu machines for neg processing and digital minilab printers, negative quality was excellent and no different to when they used dunk dip machines.

The quality comes from the labs attention to detail, the training & experience of the staff. HAving been involved selling equipment (silver recovery) to minilabs I can honestly say that certain UK chains pay far more attention to training and quality etc than others.