All chemistry one shot Yes
We buy the distilled water in containers from Loblaws.. Used for Developer and final rinse before hanging.
We charge $45 per run which covers all the extras.

I am not against dip dunk , sink lines, nitrogen burst, or replenisher btw JUST they all have problems associated with then that I am not comfortable with.
Roller transport is the worst way to process film IMO and lots of people will disagree with me but its just my 2cents.

I just feel for my film and my clients one shot Rotary is the way to go .As well distilled water allows the Pyro chems to get to the film quicker.
Tap water has a lot of stuff in it that creates resistance.
Got this tip from Mr Hutchings book the year it came out and have been following his advice since.
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do you use ALL chemistry one-shot(bleach,fixer, and stabilizer/final wash too?)

I noticed on the Elevator site that you use ONLY distilled H20. do you guys have a still to make your own, just out of curiosity, or are you buying it from the market in the 2.5 gal containers like the rest of us?