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the holidays are over so we can start something I hope. It amazes me that a city the size of Atlanta only has few active photography groups??? And only a couple of good photography shops???
How many do you need?

Atlanta Photography Group - http://www.apgphoto.org/

Southeastern Photographic Society - http://www.meetup.com/sps-meetup

Cobb Photographic Society - http://www.cobbphotosociety.com/

Roswell Photographic Society - http://www.roswellphotosociety.org/

Atlanta Photographic Society - http://www.atlantaphotographic.org/

Sweetwater Camera Club - http://sweetwatercc.org/info/

Atlanta Photographers Guild - http://atlantaguild.blogspot.com/

Athens Photography Guild - http://www.athensphotographyguild.com/

Cherokee Photography Club - http://cherokeepc.org/

Middle Georgia Camera Club - http://mgcc.ws/

Not to mention some internet meetup groups that get together to shoot glamour - models.

I don't think an 'APUG' group is going to bring anything to the party so to speak.