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Thanks for the confirmation, Ralph.You telling me it looks right makes me feel better.

I do have a question, though. I was looking on the website where I found the wavelength measurement (http://bizarrelabs.com/pin3.htm). It says "1 = .1 nm or 0.0000001 mm." Is that right? Isnt 0.1 equal to 0.00000000001? If so, wouldnt that make 0.1 equal to 0.00000001mm? Perhaps it's just late and I'm not thinking straight. I'm not used to dealing with numbers that small. Millimeters is usually as small as I deal with on a regular basis, so I'm probably adding too many zeros or something
Just forget the Angstrom business. The visible spectrum ranges from roughly 400-700 nm. A good medium is 550 nm wich are 0.000550 mm.