I have finally found a space away from my house to work in. It does not have water in the space, but there is an artists workroom less than 10 feet down the hall. The landlord has graciously given me permission to park a print washer on a cart in the workroom.

Here are the questions I am trying to figure out.

The space has three small windows. I had thought about blocking them out but I want to be able to use natural light when I am shooting in there. What do you folks would suggest, I have looked at the eclipse curtains, but I am also thinking about rigging up a system where I can place masonite panels over the windows when I am printing, then they could be removed. Maybe something with rails where I could just slide them to the side.


The walls in this space are ugly, and so is the floor. The landlord has told me I could paint whatever I wanted. There is a inset on the north wall that I was going to set up with a table for my enlarger and trays. I am just about convinced I am going to paint that nook a semi-matte (eggshell) black. As for the rest of the walls and floor, I am at a loss. What would be some good colors that would look nice with a big black wall but would be photo friendly. I am going to be shooting about 90% black and white in there. I had thought about color matching a grey card, but I am not sure.


Finally, the landlord has offered to put a sink in the space provided I pay a portion of the costs.. since there is running water about 10 feet from the door, do you think it would be worth it. I do not know the cost at the moment, but it will easily be a couple hundred dollars.