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I think everybody has had most of those "buggerups" happen at least once - and those that haven't are merely overdue.

I usually pull the darkslide only about half way out, and place left index and little finger on the ends of the film grooves to guide the film in. This works great even withh 5x7" film, especially when I'm confusing myself with four 5x7" and four 13x18cm holders. Same confusion with 9x12cm and 4x5" holders, by the way...

As to tray developing, throw away the tongs and get a pack of surgical gloves instead.
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Instead of surgical gloves, which are often made of Latex (which cause allergia and is not impervious to some nasty photographic chemicals) try to find gloves, like surgical gloves in shape, but made of Nitrile. They often come in pale colors (green or blue) and are a little more expensive than the surgical Latex ones. But they are more resistant and you will re use them for a long time, so a packet will go a long way. It is said that Nitrile won't give you allergia of any kind... (they said so about latex years ago, so ...) and that Nitrile is impervious for a lot more chemicals than Latex. As they are often not for surgical use, they are cheapper to produce than the latex one, so the difference cost in material is partly compensated for.
I've found them in my local supermarket, for a few Euros...
Give them a try !