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No, I develop in LPD. I just split-toned it
last night in Kodak Sepia II and KRST and
was very happy with the result. It's a
gorgeous paper.
I like the color of it sooooo much I am afraid to tone it but will ultimately do some toning tests. It is one of the few things that look so good raw that I am reluctant to keep screwing with it.

On another note...

Saw some of your high key stuff. Really nice (then again I am a sucker for well done high key black and white). One question - The appearance of the photos suggests a fairly simple and possibly very portable setup (maybe in a bunch of locations?) My question is do you have an suggestions for similar set ups that are really portable?

My current MO is throwing a lot of stuff at my high key shots - two heads/umbrellas for the background, one head w/ box for the main and two heads diffused through a giant silk for fill.

This is all fine and dandy for shooting local or a bunch of people when I travel but lugging 5 heads, 2 packs, cords, a roll of seamless, all of the stands, umbrellas, a box, and camera gear to a location for one or two shots is not my idea of fun. I plan on doing a series of portraits on 8x10 in the next few months and most will be on location - I plan on a few very simple lighting setups if the available light/environment is not conducive to my needs. Your images for some reason just give me the impression that the high key setup is mobile - any suggestions?