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Again - this is the first new paper that I have tried in a long long time and...WOW!

I am done with my hum drum old paper for now. I love this stuff. It is absolutely perfect for my subject matter and my desires. If I had to ask for someone to design a paper just for me this would be it. The decision of Adox to put the old Agfa emulsion on a bayarta type bright white base was fantastic. I like it better than the old Agfa - much more appropriate for just about anything.

Okay enough gushing over the MCC.

Here is something that surprised me even more. I tried a bunch of different paper developers this week on the MCC everything from cold tone to warm tone developers. Amidol, Ansco 130, just about every concoction that I ever used. Guess what was my favorite?

Plain ol' Kodak Dektol 1+2 - fantastic DMAX and just a hint of warmness maybe a tick warmer absolutely neutral blacks. Nothing like an over the top warm tone paper.NO GREENISHNESS in any of the developers I tried but the fact that it is beautiful in dirt cheap dektol and shows great capacity/consistency is just icing on the cake.


Ps. I will still use Galerie for a couple things but the MCC is my new standard.
I am a died in the wool 130 fan but I agree that the Dektol/D72 is better on this paper. Evan better is to replace the carbonate in D72 with TSP ala Edwin Lowe fo deeper blacks. Replace the carbonate wit 1 part TSP for 2 parts carbonate and dilute 1+2...Evan Clarke