I've found everything except the "Kodak Final Rinse" at Calumet. The final rinses they have are for E-6. I do see "Kodak Flexicolor SM (C-41SM) Tank Final Rinse" for $2.50 at B&H which makes 5L and is Kodak #1925254. That item should not be considered hazardous material if I've got things straight so it can be ordered with normal shipping charges. It does have a minimum order requirement of 12 at B&H though.

Kodak C41 Developer Starter - makes 17.8 gallons (per B&H)
Calumet # KP02844
Mfg. Part # 1953009

Kodak Indicator Stop Bath - makes 8 gallons (per Calumet)
Calumet # KP02024
Mfg. Part # 1464247

Kodak C41 Bleach Start - makes 20 gallons (per B&H)
Calumet # KP02849
Mfg. Part # 8566796

Kodak C-41 Fixer and Replenisher - makes 5 gallons (per B&H)
Calumet # KP02854
Mfg. Part # 1693837
I'm posting as the exact details isn't always clear so hopefully someone can confirm the above is correct (or at least one version of correct!).