I just ordered up my second large batch of MCC and PRINT WA developer. This has become my new standard paper. It took me the better part of an entire weekend to calibrate my ZoneMaster II to work with it because the curves are so substantially different than Multigrade IV to be silly. Once recalibrated, it's heavenly to work with.

The biggest advantage I see to MCC is two-fold: Blacks are BLACK! Not some off-blue cast that Ilford Multigrade IV papers have. Secondly, the straight-line section of the tonal response curves are straight! I'm so used to fighting the double-hump in the curves that I ended up split-grade printing most of the time. With MCC, I get perfectly predictable Zones I-IV and have been able to reduce contrast by an entire paper-grade to still get good blacks.

A third advantage to MCC is the fact I get zero gloss differential.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea... It's only marginally more expensive than the alternatives, but my time is more valuable than the price difference.

Ken N