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...Kodak Ektacolor RT replenisher (just mix the developer from the three bottles, don't add the starter))
Why leave the starter out?

When mixing a tank solution from the replenisher, Kodak calls for adding 175ml of water and 25ml of starter to 800 ml of mixed replenisher for 1L of working tank solution. From personal experience using the replinisher without diluting it to a tank solution you will have to stop down to f32 to get a 10 second exposure.

BTW, nothing wrong with the Fuji CA paper. It processes at the same time and temperature as Kodak's: 45 seconds for the developer, 30 second stop, 30 second rinse, 45 seconds for the Blix, and 1:30 (3x30 seconds each) for the final rinse - all at 95F.