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Lumber is cheap. I would support the bottom of the sink.
I second that idea!

I made the support for a 8-1/2-foot stainless steel sink from 2x4's, using six legs. It has a leg in each corner, and two in the centre, one front and one back. The corner legs are made from two pieces of 2x4, and the centre ones are a single piece. There are three horizontal supports between the front and back members, equally spaced from left to right.

For hardware, I used the corner brackets designed for deck building, and they are fastened with #8 and #10 Robertson wood screws. I'm not sure if Robertson screws are available outside of Canada; I believe that they are known as "scrulox" in the U.S. Anyway, avoid slot head screws; use Phillips if you must.

Support the sink from under the sink bed, NOT the lip!