My camera contribution is 1.2 Stone (16lbs) A Tachihara 4x5, 210mm Sironar 5.6, Caltar 75mm 4.5. One graphmatic, darkcloth, loupe, release, box of film and changing bag, spot meter and filters/shades and of course - Tripod. I can't do it for less. My Rollei SL66 system is just as heavy and I forget all about the pain when I look at the prints. The Rollei/Zeiss is good but 6x6 vs 4x5 - I like my prints large - It probably wouldn't matter if I only cared about 8x10. Now - what about the rest of the indespensables - tent, backpack, sleeping bag, stove , food water and other misc gear. - Yep - 55 to 60 lbs. Now - where is the good scenery? Mt Whitney? Kearsarge Pass? .... Nothing there under 13,000 feet. I think it might kill Sven! Then it would be 60lb pack and a 160lb dead Sven. - Way too much for an area you have to "pack it all out." I guess I'll leave Sven at the camera store. BTW - I did to this hike with even more gear last summer and - yes - it doe's need to get lighter. ---- Do I really need the tent? -- the sleeping bag - ?? Will I have time to cook anyway? Well I am working on it. I do have a LOW gear going up the hills. - I can no longer eat the junk food on a trip like this! (maybe 15 years ago) -Frank