Holy thread revival!
I figured ( again) that i would add to this info, instead of starting my own... I just picked up a 65mm KL for my RZ... a few questions:

1) regarding the Floating system... actually regarding figuring out "focused distance" On a the longer lenses, ( like my 180) the Distance Scale on the camera body seems easy to understand, as the red and blue lines continue on underneath the the numerical values printed on the, making it easy to see which number they came closest to ( or so i thought! ) Now using the 65mm, the blue line for the 65mm lens comes nowhere near the numbers. This tells me i am doing something wrong here. But what.

2) secondly, i assume when using the RB lens on the RZ body, the shutter speed ring on the lens itself over-rides the shutter speed knob on the RZ body? Seems thats the case anyway. ?

3) i assume adjustments of the floating lens ring are invisible thru the finder.... much like depth of field being invisible to the finder, but real on the film nonetheless.... correct?


- Grae