I did some minor testing that gave me some surprised results: Saunders 4500 Enlarger, VCCE Head; Ilford MGIV FB Glossy Paper; Freshly made Dektol 1:2 Developer at 70F; 3 minute development time, water stop, fixed in Kodak Rapid fixer without hardener; 4x5 Stouffer Step Wedge as a negative; Printed using the VCCE #2 Filter. 8x10, full frame print.

I was printing my Step wedge in preparation for calibrating a RH Designs Zonemaster. So I print it out, getting Area 1 and 2 to be the same ( black ) density) after dry down, and the top area that still has any response to the light is Area 11. Area 12 is totally white, no sign of any activity.

To me, his means I am getting 10 half steps ( 5 F-Stops) of activity on my paper. I find this a bit low, as I would expect the paper to be able to handle a few more zones of light.

Does this sound right ? Should I be getting more zones in the print than 5 with this combination? SHould I change something to get more dynamic range in the print?