Cameras come and go but if you love photography, you will not settle for poor lenses. I sold a C400 monorail for $125. It worked VERY good. But don't try to save too much on the lens. It would be hard to find a good 210mm lens for less than $450 that was any good. A good 75mm lens under $600 would also hard to find. The lenses I got cheap (they are out there) were lenses I had to replace with crappy shutters and poor coatings. It is hard to go wrong with Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock(Caltar) - be careful about Wollensack some Fuji and old press lenses. If you are looking for crisp sharp images - newer (in last 20 years) is a good thing - There are those that do soft portraits and still life that like certain special lenses but I think you really need to know what you want. Old Cooks and Goertz and Zeiss lenses will cost you full inheritance and will give certain photos a very unique look - but they are not general purpose - all things to all people type lenses. - I hope this is helpful - frank