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I'm quoting the whole post so people don't miss this -- I just spoke with Victor and they can't ship the bleach or developer chemicals via UPS. They can ship the other chemicals via UPS. They do offer shipment via truck for the bleach or developer but that is expensive for long distance. Something to keep in mind while trying to find a source for these chemicals. The truck shipment was estimated to be around $65-70 to Madison, Wisconsin. Victor did suggest contacting Kodak if a local source couldn't be found. He was very helpful but unfortunately UPS makes it impractical to ship these those two chemicals as the special permits are expensive and add a hefty charge to every shipment.

Anyone have a source in Chicago?
I have been investigating ways one could possible ship the chemicals. I looked at USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Grayhound Bus. All of them will not ship items considered corrosive which is what C-41 bleach and developer is considered. These new restrictions are a result of 911.

I believe shipping by freight will add an extra $35 to the freight charge if the chemicals are corrosive. Base on their shipping fees I do not think there will be much difference in freight charges for one bottle or ten bottles of chemistry. Perhaps the only solution is to suck up the freight charges and order enough chemistry for several years and refrigerate the unmixed chemistry. This is a real mess. Some kind of distinction should be made for mildly corrosive chemistry.

If you have a friend or belong to a club that uses C-41, you could batch up your orders and split the shipping cost between you.