I just got my bleach off eBay as well, even though I currently don't need it...still have 4 liters of Tetenal left to use. I am too easily swayed by bold letters saying "LAST ONE!" It's damn heavy...wish I could have had it delivered to my home instead of office but of course...it's UPS and UPS is a pain in the ass for home delivery in NYC.

Anyway, I mentioned last night at Adorama how sometimes things are on the website but aren't actually in the store--last night that item was Photographer's Formulary hypo-test, grrr--and the guy said the site only reflects what should be in stock in their warehouse in New Jersey, which is why the website will claim certain things I can't find are in stock...which I guess shouldn't affect online orders, but it's frustrating for locals. I've been wondering about all those C41 chems myself. I don't think I've ever seen them on the shelf. They may be in the basement...but I'd be betting New Jersey on that one too.