B&H, Adorama, or whatever all sell Kodak chemicals at retail prices. If you need shipping the total cost of chemical purchase can be difficult. I am in California and there is no way I can purchse chemicals from NY City. The largest photographic supplier that I can reach locally sells only the smallest packages with much ballooned prices. I understand their store front overhead. I had to look for a better solution.

Well, the Bay Area is a large area with a lot of cities. There must be wholesale suppliers who supply chemicals to photo labs in the Bay Area. I made friend with a minilab owner by giving him some business. Then I asked him to tell me where the wholesale suppliers are. I successfully located Chang's Photo Supply headquartered in Los Angeles but with a distribution warehouse in Hayward (East Bay of Bay Area). I do have to buy larger quantity of chemicals at a time. But the prices were way down from retail prices and I can pick up the chemicals myself.

This is Chang's Photo Supply web site: http://www.changsphoto.com/

I am not related to Chang's Photo in any way. The web site info is for anyone who is looking for ways to source chemicals to get an idea what's typically available from a wholesale supplier. You need to find one like that in your area and try to buy from there. Don't worry about buying bulk. Unopened chemicals can last several years. I have dealt with two such suppliers. They did not mind if I am a business or not. They did not mind the total dollar amount I spent with them. Chang's photo did ask me for a CA sales permit number. I did have one so it was easy. But I believe you just need to tell them that you have a Jobo ATL processor. They will sell whatever they have to anyone.

By the way, the warehouse of both suppliers were impressive. They have tons of supplies that made my eyes wide open. What's more impressive is they said it takes maybe 10 days for all that piles of stuff to clear and be restocked again. I was happy to fill up the trunk of my car before leaving. The second supplier was in Los Angeles and I have forgotten its name.