I can say that certain items really changed the way I do photography. The spot meter. Glass negative carriers. Condenser heads. Pyro. Mixing my chemicals. All kinds of things that give me better control - better sharpness and more success in creating the images I visualize in a scene.

What I am not sure of is why I should continue to seek out a densitometer. With staining developers, I understand which unit I should get. I know that I can then shoot a grey card and see the density and compare it with a published ideal.


I know what base fog is- I can print zone one. I have adjusted my negative development so I can print all ten zones or compress them or expand them 2 or more stops at will. If I have spanned my development process and anchored my film speed. What will a densitometer really do to make me better at my craft, considering all these things? Used, they almost cost what a lens would cost and I am considering replacing my 150mm Symmar for a newer APO lens. Please enlighten me! ThanksSSS - Frank