1.) What's probably throwing you off is that you're using an RB lens on a RZ camera. RB lenses require a bit more focus extension on the RZ camera to reach infinity focus. As the chart on the side of the camera is figured for RZ lenses, it won't match up with a RB lens.

2.) Yes -- the RB lenses are completely mechanical, and have no electrical contacts with the RZ body. The shutter speed dial on the RZ won't do a thing because there is no way for it to control a RB lens. It's best to set the dial on the camera to "RBL" (if I remember right this turns off the body/lens electronics) when you have a RB lens on the RZ.

3.) I've never been able to see the floating lens adjustments on my 65mm while looking through the camera, but I can tell you they do show up on the film!