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Anybody ever consider using these instead of large trays? Price of a set can be cheaper then one large darkroom tray. They even come with lids.

I need a large deep tray for lith printing plus I wouldn't mind a set of 16x20 trays. But even cheap 16x20 trays aren't cheap so I thinking of these things.
I recently bought a cheap solution for large trays at The Container Store (large chain store). Look for drawer liners.. they come in a variety of sizes. I bought the 14 x 19 " size for about $6 a piece. I like these because they have really low sides, about 4", unlike the underbed storage bins-- they are more like a tray and less like a bin. Also they have very flat bottoms so I can use small volumes. Rocking the tray is really easy.

They are probably too flexible for large volumes (> a couple liters), but I don't use large volumes. Small volumes can be emptied back into the jugs, even with the large trays (takes a bit of balance). They haven't cracked yet and don't appear to be ready to. Might try this if you can find a store with drawer liners.