Thanks Jorge for the Reader’s Digest condensed version. Also thanks for offering to do the plotting. Perhaps if I take the plunge to do the testing I will send you my data for plotting.

Thanks William Blunt for the recommendation to The Camera Store’s video.

Thanks Mark…for your generous offer of your video.

I agree …argentic…with the Way Beyond Monochrome idea. I have the book and am wondering if that is indeed the way to proceed.

Thanks Stephen for the book suggestions. I do have a few of those books for reference but am trying to obtain a clear understanding of BTZS and how it applies.

There are two more questions that popped into my head after the original post.

1. Is BTZS just a “beefed up version of an incident metering” technique?

2. Do most of you who use BTZS also create and use the “power wheel”?

It appears to me that the book starts with incident metering, progresses to explaining the Zone System and then finishes with something commonly assumed to be BTZS technique.

Perhaps it would be wonderful if somebody who is skilled in BTZS would write a detailed article for the web that would be a new improved “BTZS” or simply the Dummies Guide to BTZS”.

Kind Regards,