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Anyone going to Kynance Cove needs to watch out for the tides sneaking up behind them.

Its easy to get distracted by the beauty of the place and the endless photographic opportunities - only to find they are cut off by the tide coming in at unexpectedly behind them.

The exits from the beach become submerged before most of the beach.

Its happened to me and its happened to others I know too.

I'm not saying don't go (its a beautiful place) but do keep an eye both on the tide and your watch.


With Kynance Cove it is best to get there as the tide is going out and as soon as you can get on the beach / sand start shooting. As the tide goes out follow it out to get access to the various other areas / coves that will open up. But bear in mind the tide will turn and have this time fixed in your mind but don't just rely on your watch - look at the sea all the time and keep the distance to your exit route in your mind. As soon (or preferably before) you notice the tide has turned start working your way back to an area that is safe. I would also not recommend you venture too far on your own and only shoot where you can see other people in case you should slip and be left injured and on your own with an incoming tide.

The above advice also holds good for any Cornish beach. Tide tables can be obtained at most news agents.