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Thanks for the very interesting information about the sensitivity of the eyes. I went back into my darkroom....at first everything was black...then one could note the smallest bit of light coming from around the light seals surrounding the door and from the saddle of the door on the bottom....so, the light adjusted eye will see such faint traces of light after the eye accommodates to the conditions. However, I have never had problems with fogging of film or paper, even with TMAX 400.....however, I'm going to be even a bit more careful to load my holders on the shelf as far from the door as I can with my body between the holders and the door....as unlikely as such would be, I don't want to start having any problems now.

A single candle at one mile........rather amazing....even a retired MD can learn facts that were not previously known...:}
Dark adaption happens in two phases. The first phase (cones only) takes around 8 minutes. However, the final phase (rods fully sensitive but monochromatic only) takes up to 30 minutes. Light adaption, on the other hand, is done in about 5 minutes.