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This might be a silly question, but since I just got a Leitz Focomat V35 for free, I would like to get started on my plans for a darkroom in the basement of our house. If I continue to use a changing bag for loading film into the development tank, and only use the darkroom for making prints, does it have to be completely light sealed? I seem to remember that the father of one of my high school friends used the boiler room in their house, without light sealing besides some dark curtains. He only used it after sunset of course.
My childhood darkroom was the laundry room. There was a window in the door. That got something (blanket?) hung over it. There was a window in the wall. That got a piece of plywood leaned against it from outside. And I only used it when it was dark outside.

It was fine for practical work and learning. I'm sure there would have been issues as a production space. And I can't say whether it would have had issues for fine art prints.

I'm told Weegee sometimes worked out of the trunk of his car.