I was not recommending the video but the new "BTZS LITE". A cd that is sort of a BTZS for dummies, no testing and it covers incident and spot metering and what is going on. I switched to using the incident meter because for me it works much better for getting negs that print with my materials. It always seemed that my negs from using the spot meter were too dense and not enough range for pl/pd printing. I guess I could have kept working on with the spot meter and eventually got to where my negs were better but the incident system worked right from the start and just was more consistent. I use the little "Power Wheel" and it works great, take a reading in the shadows and one in open light, adjust the wheel and it gives you the exposure needed and tells you the SBR so you know how to develope the neg for what ever range you need. The "Power Wheel" has two sides, one for incident and one for zone system.