I have to admit something.

For a minute there, a year or two back, I thought seriously against starting another chemical darkroom because it appeared that I do about as well with Photoshop and Mac and Epson as I could with Ilford and Dektol.

Turns out that was more about me than technology. The prints I have been making lately, from Azo to some Bergger I just tried for the first time tonight, blow away anything I did on the computer. So I am publicly taking back my private statement about printing.

And that Bergger. Yikes, that's good stuff. A little too green if you don't get the tones right, but it is deep and rich where it needs to be and creamy where it needs to be. Perfect for portraits, although maybe it's too warm for other things.

For anyone who uses it, how does it tone? I just dried prints but have not yet toned them. What dilution and time has what effect?