Built an 8x20 pinhole over the Christmas break, just did my first trip with it. I'm thrilled with the results, the 'big box' worked perfectly.

It's a 300 mm focal length with a .650 mm laser drilled pinhole, giving f/450(ish). I use f/512 for exposure calculations. FOV is about the same as a 20mm lens on 35mm film. A nice wide panorama.

I built an 8x20 sheet film holder from black foam core, mat board and duct tape. The camera is built like a big shoe box sort of. The film holder goes in (sits on a lip inside the box) and lid fits over, to seal the light.

My shutter is an old wooden Montecristo Cuban cigar box, (which is suprisingly well made). Open to expose, close to end the exposure.

I'm surprised at how sharp the results were. Good resolution and very little fall off. (The thing is almost too good; I was hoping for a little 'pinhole funk' . . .

Film is Efke 100, developed in HC110, Dil H, for 14 minutes. My plan is to contact print the negs as VDBs and albumen prints. Maybe even some bromoil.

First Pic:

The camera:http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4003/...afb8af58_b.jpg