That's an excellent price for that much of chemicals. For USD$26 it would be 4 liters of C-41SM developer only and nothing else for me here in California from retail stores.

You will need a C-41B (that means it's a LORR chemical) developer starter only. You don't need starters for the bleach and fix chemicals. C-41B developer starter is not the same as C-41 developer starter. Make sure your developer replenisher is LORR before getting LORR starter. If your developer is not LORR then you will want to get standard developer starter.

I use a Jobo ATL-2300. I never succeeded in replenishing my developer. Kodak says never replenish the developer for rotary processing. I use my developer one shot only always. I don't know what it means by no washing. I would give wash between bleach and fix and after fix before final rinse. No wash should be done after final rinse.

If you use the developer one shot and develop 10 - 20 rolls of 120 per week you can mix 10 liters at a time. The developer in glass bottles full will last more than a month.