I agree that's a great price. You only need starter for the developer, not bleach.

When processing simply pour out the chemistry completely. The film needs to go straight from the developer into the bleach to stop the development. Wash in between the bleach and fix by filling, running briefly, and dumping once.

I highly recommend skipping replenishment. To obtain high film quality use the developer to capacity and discard. This eliminates any issues with carryover/oxidation/evaporation/contamination that cause bad results. Use the bleach until it is exhausted because it's expensive. Use the fixer once or twice and toss because it's cheap. Wash for 3 minutes. I usually fill and dump the container 5-6 times, running it in between, about 30 seconds a piece. The wash water should be close to the other chemicals in temperature. Mix the stabilizer/final rinse with distilled water and hang to dry.