Thanks guys, the replenish math was giving me strange numbers, like I would have to replenish mid development.
I agree and understand the need for start dev (it is lorr/c-41b) but as per the instructions the bleach IIINR also requires starter (it's part of the c-41b process that was designed to speed up processing and do and do without washes, so i'm guessing this is a modified bleach, hence the NR that requires a starter)
For mixing the chemicals will normal tap water be fine (this is Beijing it's a little hard but clear may contain metals that make it unsafe to drink) I'm guessing de-ionised will be to unbalanced for the normal mix but great for final rinse deposit free wash. Can I mix the ABC dev (without water) and keep as stock or is this not recommended?
For those interested I've sourced a company in China that makes jobo like processors, more info on this post