I am new on this forum, and thinking about getting into LF. I have expirience with 35mm and some with MF. I have enlarger for up to 6x6cm format. My question is: What is better for begginer to get, 4x5 inch and enlarger or 8x10 inch and make contact copies? What equipment? Well, as cost is issue, is it cheaper 8x10inch and contact prints(avoiding cost of 4x5 inch enlarger)? Main interests are: b/w photography and: Different type of portraits(including full figure, nudes, models books...), architecture, different types of still life photography, urban landscapers... "Real"(nature) landscapes are out because of lots of land mines in my country, and getting visas for traveling abroad is really hard. I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thanks, Haris