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The bottom line? In ALOT of situations, there is not going to be much noticeable difference between KM25 and KR64. This is particularly the case with low contrast, sunlit scenes. KR64 does BEAUTIFULLY under such situations. And, in these situations, you would be hard-pressed to see any difference between KR64 and KM25. But under more challenging lighting conditions (especially drab, diffuse light), KM25 generally gives MUCH better results.
I'll go with this, the first image ( Panoramic ) on 25 was in light I thought was toast, but I was surprised to see the color I did in this image.
The second one was 64 on a cold-a$$ winter day in waning flat light on the 2nd of this month, I thought it did fairly well.

The last is light that either film would excel in, fresh rain with incredibly even wrap around light ( thank you Times Square ), KR-64 on January 1.

I am starting to use more 25 now that it is 2010, so I bet I will get more of a feel for it as time goes on.