All I can tell you is I have several propacks that say expire 08/1990 (I was off a year--that makes it 19yrs old). I can also tell you that in my case I rated the film at box speed and the results of which can be viewed in my gallery as described. Your mileage may vary--this was my experience. The negs were level and auto color adjusted when scanned. Give it a whirl--I for one am going to continue shooting the film I have that can't possibly exist

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RGS122 and Matt:

Some will tell you don't bother shooting it.

I say shoot it, but not on something critical. Shoot it on something that if you don't get images you won't care too much.

BUT...shoot it at like EI 125 as the starting joke! You really need to, because high speed color film loses sensitivity very quickly. I once had a Fuji 800 speed roll that was of similar vintage, and I shot it at EI 320. Big mistake; it looked 2 stops underexposed!

Color will be off, and shadows will lack density. If this had been color slide film, I'd say don't even bother with it.

Good luck.

BTW: It can't be 18 years old. That film wasn;t around more than about 10 years ago!