Ok, here is my situation. I am currently shooting 35mm and medium format 6x9.

I currently use a Durst M600 given to me by a friend. So I am stuck with a maximum of 6x6.

I am looking for an enlarger doing 35mm and 6x9, here are my options:

First, brand new:

Beseler 23CIII XL VC Variable Contrast Enlarger

Kaiser VPM9005 B&W Multigrade Enlarger

Second, used, I am thinking about a 23CII but not sure it does 6x9.

I do only B&W, 11x14 is a must, 16x20 on the baseboard would be nice but not a must. I have plenty of room to install it and a ceiling at 96 inches.

Brand new or used, the choices seem limited when it comes to 6x9 bu maybe it is just my perception.

If you have any recommendations or ideas, I am open to receive them, so give me your 2 cents.

Thanks !!!