Hello all,

Idle times ...thought so why not start a thread that's not just the got a question, need an answer variety and ask:

So what/how did you work up to ULF sizes ? and ok, yeh why not a little why thrown in there also ...

Mine is mostly bragging rights, but a proper reason of sorts is I like 1:1 magnification (feels like I've typed that a bit lately) and 11x14" is the minimum size that your traditional passport style composition will fit. Not interested in pano formats yet and dont need infinity focus so its not such an issue investing in the glassware (although I did just buy a Dallmeyer 4A).

As for me after buying the holders 11x14" was a simple enough conversion for my Sinar - but I'm thinking bigger and am now building a camera that will do both film and plate up to 16x20... thats the plan anyway - ha ha