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Well, the way I see it the Beseler is probably the wise choice since you are on this side of the Atlantic. They are good machines and will handle negatives up to 6x9 cm. The enlargers are common, and still in production. If you need accessories and/or parts, they are readily available both on the new and used market. Kaiser enlargers look like really good solid machines, but they are not terribly popular or numerous in the US. That alone, would deter me from buying one. I've had too many machines that were not common here, most notably a Renault sedan I once owned, that gave me hell every time I've needed a part or service. The situation for Kaiser enlargers might be different in Canada.
No, the situation for Kaiser is not different here than in the US. After spending the last 48 hours surfing CraigList and eBay, thinking about the pros and the cons, I arrived at the following conclusion. First I will target a Beseler 23CII, since I am not in a rush, I will take my time for the good deal, so I will continue to watch the CraigList and eBay.

If I really do not find what I want, as the last option, I will put my hand in my pocket and go with a new 23CIII.

So far, I think it is the best strategy. When you are like me, a little bit too enthusiast about something, you loose the focus and you become interested by all kind of stuff that finally are way too much for what I want to do, or stuff that would a lot of money to put back in condition.

So if someone knows something about a 23CII for sale, that can be a good deal, PM me. While that time I will keep my eyes wide open.