The process is c-41B. Just want to make sure that those giving advice are also using the c-41b with 'bleach IIINR' (not bleach III).
I've attached the Kodak sheet on it. which quotes at the beginning

"The primary feature of this process is a shorter processing cycle. This cycle was
made shorter by eliminating both washes and reducing the fixer time. Originally
the process used a final wash, but the most common version in use today is the
“washless” cycle

But on the first page they state this

C-41B is the original film cycle designed for C-41B
minilab equipment. It has a longer bleach and fix
time, giving an overall longer process time. It can be
configured to have either a final rinse or a water
wash followed by a final rinse.
The kits are supplied as easy to mix liquids designed
to be simple to use.
All Kodak’s range of minilab chemicals are color
coded on the cases, bottle labels and caps. This
makes the chemicals easy to recognize and minimizes
expensive mixing errors.
The minilab chemicals are packed in specially
designed bottles, which have excellent pouring and
emptying characteristics, minimizing splashing and
chemical concentrate to be rinsed out of the bottle."

So has anyone actually used this process with a jobo? If so what do you recommend.
Also I guess i should be shaving 15% of the processing times due to using a jobo rotary, or am I wrong?