Buying local would be preferred, however, prices may be higher and choices lower. However, if you have any way (friend, relative) of getting something in the USA and transported to you, might be beneficial. Then again, if prices elsewhere are a fraction of local, maybe paying the shipping should be considered.
Montreal Craigslist
First is an older 4x5, not much larger, real workhorse, I have the exact same enlarger/head, works as good as the latest model, which I recently acquired. Considering it has 2 Archival print washers and a 4 bladed easel, and other goodies, maybe half asking price might be a good deal.

Second is the 23C, picture also shows a 4 bladed easel. Again, half asking price might be a good deal.

You will have to temper what is a good deal because availability or lack of has a lot to do with prices
Good Luck