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I never ever ever get these marks with Ilford and Kodak film, only with Foma, Efke and Adox. Francis
I also had some pinholes with Adox/Efke 50 in 135. But nothing nearly as bad as what I am having with Foma 100 in 120. The Adox films show a very small pinhole in maybe every fifth frame, whereas *every* frame of the Foma film is littered with marks. The marks on the Foma are small lines along the length of the film, the Adox marks resemble pinholes.

On another note, all baths (dev, stop, fix) that I (or rather my films) use, are made from liquid concentrates. These are stored not very warm in winter, around 12 deg C. It may indeed be good idea to warm the fixer solution before use in order to allow any crystal that may be present in the cold-stored concentrate to dissolve. It seems far-fetched but I will try this as well, besides using distilled water in in all steps.