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I had the same problem, although the water I use is severely filtered!
The origin of these ‘scratches’ is mechanical, the so called pressure fog. It is due to the friction caused by rolling on the film after it was exposed, wether it be 120 roll or 35 mm film, or the film sliding over the film guiding rolls in the camera. It is typical for Foma, thus the camera is not to blame (what I thought before). The protective layer on the emulsion side is, to say at least, not one of the best.
That's very interesting new input! If I understand correctly, you mention two possible causes for the marks, both with a root cause in something called 'pressure fog': 1. too much friction during the rolling up of the exposed film, 2. too much friction between film and guiding rolls.
Do I figure correctly that you did not find a solution? Me personally I don't see how I could prevent either cause.

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There is an other issue that is typical for Fompan : when using plastic reels, to develop the film, there are scratches on both sides, along the film’s length, and on the image. Plastic reels are about double as large as the SS ones. A tanning developer tends to worsen that.
It is really painful to see your photo’s ruined like this!
I shoot Tri-X now and all the troubles went away…
Yes Philippe, it's a bit shitty to loose film. But if the problem is eventually solved then I will mind quite a bit less.

I don't entirely understand how you mean the plastic rails come into play. I do use plastic rails (Paterson), so I am quite interested in your thoughts. Can you elaborate?