Interesting. I use this film in three different tlrs, a graflex roll back, mamiya roll back, pentacon six, and three different folders. I have never had any of the scratches you have. Pressure scratches seem like a possibility. When the Pentacon Six is loaded correctly, the film is very tight (tighter than any of the other cameras/backs I use) and still never any scratches. Maybe check the interior of your camera, a rough edge that the film rolls over might cause the scratches.

Here's a thought. How do you load your reels? Do you remove the paper backing before you load the reel or just let it hang until all the film is in the reel, then tear the paper off (like I do)? I agree the emulsion is quite soft so maybe if the film brushes against the edge of your table, fingers, etc. it could show up as scratches. This is kind of wierd. I have used this film pretty much since Freestyle started to carry it as their arista brand, and it has never done this. I did have a bad bunch of film when it first came out. The emulsion had a lot of little dots on it after processing. This site had a thread on it, so I checked the emulsion number on my film, and sure enough, it was the faulty stuff. Freestyle took it back and replaced it no questions asked. It had been sitting in my freezer for almost a year too.