Thanks for the clarification Philippe, I see what you mean now. I think I can discard the camera as a cause, having used two different cameras that both do not give problems with other films. It may still be that Fomapan is simply unusually vulnerable, but then more users should be having the exact same problem. And I don't believe that I am an over-average-rough handler of film.

Mike suggested that I develop a film that never saw a camera at all. That's a good idea and I will give it a try, just to be safe on this matter.

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They have something like really ‚wide lips’ at the beginning, and, believe me, they do scratch Foma film; again, other brands of film are not showing this issue!
My Paterson reels have tiny 'lips'. I once used reels with thicker (wider) lips and those gave rise to local turbulence (I presume) and uneven development. The thin reels protrude inward so little that they could never even scratch the edge of the film, let alone the centre, which in my case is also crawling with marks.

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It is the lack of a good protective layer on the emulsion that is causing the problem, and, IMHO, the rather rough and stiff backing paper as used in conjunction with Foma roll-films.
The roughness and stiffness of the backing paper were the first things that occurred to me when I opened my first Foma 100-120 film. It also feels thicker, but that could not be the case of course- probably just illusion.

When one winds the film forward then the rough back of the paper touches the film. This may be a problem, but I don't really believe it. I've heard of nobody to confirm this as a problem, so probably not something that contributes to my scratches.

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What I did not tell, and apologise me fort this forgetting, is that my experiences are solely with 120 roll film.
I am dealing with the same format here.