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Is this really the case? I know of no medium or large format lens comparable (in terms of DOF) to the 50 F/1.0 or the 85 F/1.2 for "miniature format" as you call it. While it may be more difficult to get everything in focus with MF/LF, insanely shallow DOF may actually be more feasible with 35mm cameras.
The mamiya rz 110/2.8 gives extremely shallow DOF, as does the m645 80/1.9; there are numerous others e.g. the contax 645 lenses.

Then there is the issue of tilts, which make it very easy to produce extremely shallow DOF on some MF and most LF cameras.

Finally, one must also consider the tonal smoothness of in-focus / out-of-focus transitions. MF and LF give up nothing to 35mm in that department. If you want very shallow DOF and good sharpness and good bokeh in 35mm, you are going to pay big bucks for it, tnere are only a handful of lenses that deliver all three. With LF just about any lens will deliver all of the above. And LF doesn't have to be huge, I played these games with an itty bitty horseman VH, for example: here or here. IIRC the first one was done with a 360 tele Nikkor and the second a 150 convertible.

.... mind you, I am a guy who uses his Nikon 50/1.2 very happily