Stan is still there, albeit with very less then full time retail hours. He has a shop full of great old used camera gear; alas in this age of *bay and the rise of digicams, it is all now quite overpriced.

I mailed in a Minolta X570 with a wonky shutter release and an Oly XA with inoperative shutter back in late October.

I followed up with a call in mid December to see if he had looked at the cameras. He called back a few days later to say that he could sell me a xd-11 or something cheaper than fixing the x-570, and that the XA would be $90 to fix. I said go ahead and fix the XA, and I will keep the x-570 as a parts unit.

No sign of any new progress at mid January.

So if you are in a rush to get a camera fixed, you may want to look elsewhere.