According to Kodak Z-131 table 3-3, the capacity of Kodak C-41 developer is 4 - 5 rolls of 220 per gallon or 1 roll of 220 per liter. However, Jobo gives a capacity guide of 470 ml for 2 rolls of 220 (if I remember this correctly). I tried this Jobo capacity guide many times and I don't remember ever got a good negative. I wasted a lot of time to troubleshoot this in many ways but eventually concluded that the capacity of the developer is simply much lower than that. I now develop only one roll of 220 with something like 850 ml of developer. The result is always good. This is close to Kodak's table 3-3. I planned to try again with 500 ml to process a roll of 220. Haven't got the time to do it yet. I believe I have done this before and the result was poor. I will do it again to validate (or the opposite) the number in Kodak's table 3-3.

Kodak does not specifically recommend capacity numbers for rotary processing. It does say never replenish the developer in rotary processing. Table 3-3 is the capacity guide for general batch processing.